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I hate “Preserve, Flip, Change”. After we educate college students methods as an alternative of quantity sense, the result’s usually that college students don’t perceive what they’re doing. In Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets, he says that arithmetic is “artistic and visible.” As an alternative of educating methods, think about having college students visualize and clarify the fraction. So how would you visualize a fraction divided by a fraction?

What does divide imply?

As an alternative of going straight into the foundations for dividing fractions… that lots of people do not perceive… let’s take a while to consider division.

What number of methods are you able to describe it?

It may be very useful for college kids to share other ways of expressing what division means. What does 20 ÷ 4 imply?

Divide 20 by 4. Create 20 circles and divide them into 4 groups.  Circle each group of 5.
  • To divide is to divide into teams
  • what number of are in every group
  • 20 ÷ 4 is to divide into 4 teams. What number of are in ONE group?
  • Which is ONE of the 4 teams?
  • Create 4 teams. Evenly divide the 20 items into all teams.
  • What number of will every group have when the 20 items are divided equally?
  • What different methods are you able to say this?

By not all the time presenting or saying it the identical approach, college students assist to know the idea of division.

20 times a quarter is the same as 20 divided by 4

Why is 20 occasions 1 / 4 the identical as 20 ÷ 4?

While you divide by 4 you specific what number of are in ONE of the teams.

What would change if you happen to divided by a fourth?

What if as an alternative of 20 occasions 1 / 4, you had 20 divided by 1 / 4?

20 divided by a quarter

examine and distinction

How is dividing by 1/4 completely different from dividing by 4?

Every bit is split right into a fourth. 1/4 of every piece is a small piece.

Consider taking a sweet bar (which has segments, like a Hershey™ bar) and breaking it up into each bit. You went from 1 piece (bar) to 12 items.

You might have 20 items and also you divide each bit into quarters (1/4)…then every massive piece turns into 4 small items…for a complete of 80 items.

What if you happen to had 20 hours of yard work through the semester? No person needs to work within the backyard, so it’s agreed to divide it into 15-minute slots (1 / 4 of an hour). How many individuals are wanted to cowl 20 hours of service? An individual is barely doing a fraction of an hour. So if there’s a complete of 20 hours of yard work within the semester, it would take plus of 20 individuals to cowl this. Every hour has 4 rooms… so 4 individuals are wanted every hour. 4 individuals each hour for 20 hours is… 80 individuals. Or 80 time slots to cowl.

Fraction divided by an entire quantity

So after we had 20 divided by 1 / 4, we ended up with 80 small items. However what if we began with a fraction and needed to divide it? I selected to divide by 2 as a result of most of us intuitively know which means 1/2. YOU KNOW THAT ÷2 is the same as 1/2

a quarter divided by 2. Visualize it as 4 pieces and you want ONE of the four pieces.  Now cut it in half.

Lower every of these 1/4 items in half. You need ONE of TWO items which are created by slicing the piece.

So first you’re taking 1/4, which suggests you narrow every little thing into 4 components. Then you definitely take 1 of the 4 items (1/4) and divide it into two items. You need ONE of the TWO smaller items. Breaking it into smaller items means you’ve got extra items. So every little thing would have a complete of 8 items, however you solely have 1 of the 8 smallest items.

You began with one piece.
broke into 4 items
and broke it into 8 items.
And you’ve got one of many 8 items
that is an eighth

You need half of the fourth piece.

Fraction divided by a fraction

Let’s examine that to dividing in half.

This isn’t the identical math drawback. I’m NOT dividing each bit into 2 items. I’m dividing each bit right into a half piece.

Bear in mind how 20 items divided into 1/4 measurement items ended up with 80 smaller items.

20 divided by 1/4 measurement is 80. (Discover how I maintain rephrasing it! It is actually vital to maintain rethinking other ways of claiming what it means. Making sense of it’s math apply #1.) What number of quarter cups of flour are in 20 cups of flour?

Of the 20 items, every was minimize into 4 smaller items.
Of all of the 1/4 items, every was minimize into 2 smaller items.

Clearly 2 of those newly created smaller items collectively would make 1/4 piece. There are 4 of the newly created 1/8 items.
Visually put all of the triangles collectively and you may find yourself with 4 of the 8 items… or half of every little thing.

three of 4

What number of 1/4 are there in 20?

What number of three fourths are there in 20?
You might have 20 cups of flour and you utilize a 3/4 cup measurer. What number of 3/4′ cups are there?

Now keep in mind that you’ve ALL 20 cups of flour. You might be simply making smaller flour sachets that solely have 3/4 cup of flour. What number of small luggage of flour will you’ve got? 20 + 6 + two of three

When you needed to take all 26 luggage and put them into third-size luggage to get a typical denominator (improper fraction), then every of these 26 luggage in thirds could be a complete of 78 third-size luggage.

78 luggage of the third measurement + 2 luggage of the third measurement = 80 luggage of the medium measurement.

26 luggage and a couple of/3 of a bag.

now with fractions

How about 1/4 divided by 3/4?

That is NOT three quarters of 1/4. It is a quarter divided into 3/4 measurement items. You must find yourself with a bigger variety of items.

I find yourself not with 3 chocolate bars… however with THREE items of 1 / 4 of a chocolate bar.

The reply is THREE however the measurement modified. Let’s consider it as 3 enjoyable sized chocolate bars!

How about 3/5 divides 1/4?

I’ve 3/5 cup of flour. I need to divide this into 1/4 (not cup) sachets. What number of 1/4 are there in 3/5?

I’ve 2 and a couple of/5 teams

In any other case

Even after you have figured it out… what’s one other technique to put it? The extra methods it’s a must to specific an issue, the extra versatile you might be with numbers in numerous conditions.

Three fifths is three… 1/5. Or three teams of 1/5. Being versatile about dividing fractions makes many math issues a lot simpler!

Considering of three/5 as THREE 1/5 permits me to regroup the unique query. Are you able to separate the numbers? Regroup? Use the associative and commutative properties to rethink how numbers can work together?

Utilizing the commutative property I modified the 1/5 and the three.

Once I’m breaking down numbers, I usually change the numbers totally so I can see how different numbers work together after which return to the unique set of numbers and apply the sample I found. That is math apply #7 and math apply #8. I am undecided what I can do with this regrouping. I am going to have a look at some extra acquainted numbers:

12 divided by 3 occasions 4

Let’s check out the idiotic math drawback I might all the time give my highschool college students. WHY would you give them 12 divided by 3 occasions 4? As a result of I knew they’d be improper. MY ONLY objective for placing this on a quiz was…take away factors? Present them they’re unhealthy at math? Complain later that the kids cannot do a easy order of operations?

What he confirmed was…college students do not have quantity sense. It’s NOT that they’re unhealthy at math.

I do NOT must go from left to proper. The commutative property says {that a}•b•c = c•a•b. So if I’ve multiplication, I can change the order. Nonetheless, division is multiplication of a fraction. Begin studying the division image as fraction. Not solely will this provide help to (and your college students) get higher at fractions, it opens up an entire new risk for tips on how to simplify expressions.

12 divides 3 by 4 it’s 12 fraction 3 occasions 4 both 12 occasions 1/3 occasions 4

Flat out, it isn’t 3 occasions 4 in any respect. The division clearly places the three within the denominator. Let’s have that dialog. WHAT is dividing. As an alternative of a rule that claims “From left to proper”… BUT WHY?

The reality is, most individuals don’t know WHY. The reply I get after I ask that’s overwhelmingly “as a result of that is what my instructor advised me.”

Math should NOT be reduced to a set of rules that you memorized because your teacher told you to. @alicekeeler

Get within the behavior of issues in numerous methods. Evaluate and distinction. Why is that this answer completely different from one other (comparable) drawback?

I do not find out about you, however I get some concepts by switching loosely between the division image and a fraction. Being comfy with equal expressions is having a greater quantity sense.

Again to three/5 Divided by 1/4

Dividing by 5 means: “What number of GROUPS of measurement 5 are you able to create?” So first we break all three into smaller items. Divide by 1/4 says to divide every into fourths. This creates 12 items. Now we need to make teams of measurement 5. I can create 2 full teams with 2 additional 5’s. So 12 items divided by 5 (12/5) or 2 and a couple of/5.

Google Jam Board

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How Would You Visualize a Fraction Divided by a Fraction